March 21st, 2019


We’ve got plenty of activities and events waiting for you:


  • FRIDAY, 22nd of March: Magic has arrived to Sasquatch!Enjoy a mobile magic show with Damien Carriere while you’re warming up next to our fire pits. Our favorite DJ, DJ Leeps, will be performing from 4 to 8, perfect time for cookie decorating and face painting activities!Jessica Lydia Benini will be singing at Molly’s from 7:30 to 9:30!


  • SATURDAY, 23rd of March: Fluff your hair, put on your favourite onesie or neon ski suit from the past and rock out with us on our annual RETRO DAY! Jeffrey Elvis will be singing at Molly’s while kids can enjoy a movie, decorate cookies or paint their faces!


  • SUNDAY, 24th of March: perfect sunny weather to dress up as a Hawaiian. You need more?come and play Vball with us while DJ Leeps plays his best hits!