We couldn’t be more excited to be introducing our new executive chef Lee Graves. This man has a passion for everything culinary and will be sure to impress this winter with a completely new menu, style of cooking and a whole new attitude surrounding healthy (and most importantly; tasty) food choices. Here’s a Q&A with the master in the kitchen himself.


  • What are some of the new food menu items at Mollys that you are most excited for?

Lee: We are excited this year for our smoked salmon crostini, an upscale dish with a west coast twist. This along with our signature ginger stir fry, which is vegan and vegetarian friendly.


  • How long have you been a chef and what do you have to bring to the table?

Lee: I have been in the culinary field for 19 years and have grown up in the restaurant industry my whole life. Years of experience of trial and error is what makes me unique, a passion for amazing food and strong leadership abilities to get us through to all the new adventures this year at the lodge. The future is bright here at Sasquatch.


  • With all your experience, tell us a little bit about why you chose to come cook at Sasquatch Mountain Resort?

Lee: I wanted to come join an amazing young team on this great adventure and the endless possibilities that are in store for the mountain. 


  • How has the menu evolved since last year in regards to healthy food alternatives?

Lee: With the ever evolving culinary trends and delights that are out on the market these days, we took a hard look at what our guests would want to eat while up here. Our creative, innovative new menu will wow your taste buds, it’s definitely something worth exploring. The healthy options we are running with this season include a 100% plant based protein burger with a delicious vegan style cheese, healthier options in salads and wraps with fresh ingredients made daily, low sodium options, gluten friendly alternatives, along with many other happy health conscious decisions. 


  • Are you planning on hosting any notable dining events for our guests?

Lee: We will be hosting a chef’s table event every Friday and Saturday night starting January 10, which will be a three-course meal, one of a kind. The whole idea is to have people come in on the weekends for these amazing options of food. This will be three-course meals that change every week. Nobody knows in advance what the food is going to be, completely top secret. It could be prime rib, could be surf n’ turf, AAA steaks with prawns, salmon wellington, nobody knows until they show up with a sense of mystery and an empty stomach. It’s a unique culinary dining experience that is only offered here at Sasquatch Mountain Resort, limited quantities available for this one. 


  • Anything else you would like to add chef?

Lee: With this amazing new team we have of young energetic staff, this will be an unforgettable season here at Sasquatch Mountain in every department, not only the culinary experience that you are sure to enjoy.