February 4th, 2020 at 5:35am

Single lane traffic will be granted access up the mountain with pilot for vehicle for locals, staff or those needing to retrieve their vehicles from 8-9am.

Downward traffic will depart at 9:30am from P2 with pilot vehicle.

The road will remain closed to public and non-essential traffic after 9:30am for the day until further notice. Any vehicles not returning down at 9:30am should be prepared to stay for the night at the mountain.

An update will be provided mid-day with the potential option of single lane alternating traffic being permitted passage from 4-5pm…NOT GUARANTEED. Stay tuned for update.

No upward or downward traffic will be granted access after 9:30 until further notice.

Please continue to check to check drivebc.ca for latest updates https://www.drivebc.ca/mobile/pub/events/majorevents.html