July 22nd, 2020

A Notice to Trail Users,

It’s exciting to see that the sport of off-roading and motorized vehicles are growing at Sasquatch Mountain and the surrounding area! As stewards of this land, we want to ensure that we are working with the off-roading community to educate trail users and minimize the impact this sport could have on our terrain and environment.

In an effort to protect our skiable terrain and integrity of our trails, we request that you respect our posted boundaries pertaining to travelling within our CRA (Controlled Recreation Area). Please note, that any area within the skiable boundary is off limits to motorized vehicles outside of company maintenance vehicles, service providers and SMR contractors.

Motorized access through the CRA is granted via the Mount Klaudt trail. This goes across Sasquatch to the back side of Yeti Cruiser, where a network of logging roads with access to the back country can be found. You can check out the dozens of alternate trails available in our area outside of the ski hill here.

Please understand that choosing to disregard the outlined boundaries results in damage to the ski hill causing costly repairs, hazards around the mountain, and potential delays in our winter opening. The compacted tracks left by motorized vehicles deteriorates the trails leaving deep ruts in the terrain leading to a need for increased snowfall in the early winter to get our minimum required depth to open. For this reason, and as we are all passionate about this mountain and the amazing outdoor opportunities it provides, we ask that you work with us in protecting and maintaining the ski area so we can all enjoy the snow season as early as possible from year to year!

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support. Stick to the trails as outlined above, respect the land and play safely!


Your Sasquatch Mountain Resort Management Team

Sasquatch Mountain Resort
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