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New RFID Cards, and a reminder to wear your face masks!

December 27th, 2020 Here's a little more about your RFID cards and how to access the lifts, trails, and magic carpets at Sasquatch Mountain Resort. YOUR RFID CARD. All riders, tubers and snowshoers of all age categories, need one. This includes children aged 5 years and under, or seniors above 85. For liability purposes, all guests require a pass to access any chair lift, snowshoe trail or one of our carpets (located at the Tube Park and beginner area). You can book your card online and pick it up at the Will Call Window on your first day at the mountain. You will keep this card all winter season and for many seasons to come to upload future tickets, rentals or lessons. [...]

New RFID Cards, and a reminder to wear your face masks!2021-01-10T12:59:23-08:00

Tube Park Opens Dec. 25th!

Holiday Tubing Update. ☃️ It's a Christmas miracle! Our Tube Park will be open Christmas Day! The border control has released the mechanical part we’ve been waiting on to get our Tube Park open and we will be working around the clock to get it installed and safely operational for December 25th! Our team has contacted everyone who have purchased tickets for before that date with details ? Make sure you have purchased RFID cards and reserved your preferred time slot in advance for your tubing experience. Thanks to all our guests for your continued patience and understanding on this…we're excited to welcome everyone back to the Yeti Tube Park for the 20/21 Season! (Please keep in mind that this is our busiest time [...]

Tube Park Opens Dec. 25th!2021-01-10T13:08:22-08:00

Message to our Valued Guests

To our valued guests, For those who were on the mountain yesterday, you’re aware that we experienced  a long line of riders wanting to get their share of our fresh PoW . We had a bluebird day with 50cm of fresh amazing Powder which was a dream to ride. Due to the exceptional snow & weather conditions, both seasons pass holders and reserved day ticket holders all decided to show up. Additionally, the road to Manning Park was closed and we faced a large influx of visitors WITHOUT reservations showing up in hopes of being able to get a ticket on arrival. Let’s not forget that the season has just recently started and now that everyone is on Christmas break, we are into our [...]

Message to our Valued Guests2021-01-10T13:01:30-08:00

Tube Park Opening Postponed

December 18th, 2020 Tomorrow, Dec. 19th was meant to be the opening day for our Yeti Tube Park. Unfortunately, an important mechanical part is being held at the international border and due to the current length of the procedures related to Covid-19, we will not be receiving it on time. We are expecting this part to arrive early next week and our team will be working around the clock to safely install these parts and re-open the Tube park as soon as possible. Please stay tuned on our website, and social media for updates, or sign up for our newsletter! Any tubing tickets purchased for dates prior to our reopening will be refunded. It will take some time for our Guest Experience team to [...]

Tube Park Opening Postponed2020-12-18T20:22:28-08:00

Fresh Lines with No Lift Lines

December 18th, 2020   Nothing beats waking up in the morning, rolling out of bed with a coffee, and heading straight onto the lifts. At Sasquatch Mountain Resort we have incredible powder and our quick access up to the slopes makes the riding experience “lineless.” If you're working from home this winter or have a flexible schedule, get up here on one of our weekdays for fresh lines, WITHOUT the lineups! We have great deals online and you can enjoy a crowdless mountain thanks to our reduced capacities. This is isolation at its finest. We are the proud providers of open outdoor spaces and our mountain offers local riders a premium and safe experience! Plus, we are happy to announce that we have completely [...]

Fresh Lines with No Lift Lines2021-01-10T14:29:23-08:00

What to Expect on Your First Day at the Mountain

December 8th, 2020 What to Expect on Your First Day at the Mountain.  What better way to show you than a quick video? Psssst... Spot the Sasquatch ?   This year will be slightly different at Sasquatch Mountain Resort but it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to shred our hearts out as per usual! We implemented a “new normal.” Our enthusiastic visitors will have to follow some simple but necessary rules, for a safe & fun experience! Step 1: Get a coffee, book your products/activities online and we'll prep it for you onsite.  Step 2: Grab your car, drive up here and find a killer parking spot.  Step 3: Make your way, sliding crawling or jumping on one leg towards one of [...]

What to Expect on Your First Day at the Mountain2021-01-10T13:05:04-08:00

La Niña Season

December 6th, 2020 We are truly blessed this season to be in the midst of a weather pattern called La Niña. What this means is lower temperatures than usual, equaling an average of 3 to 5 degrees colder than normal. This is great for the ski season, as it translates to more champagne powder than ever. Living in the Fraser Valley brings weather that is prime conditions for farming, usually lots of rain and a fair bit of sunshine. The Fraser Valley is also known for plenty of snow, however this year will be better than ever with the presence of La Niña, which translates in Spanish to “Little Girl.” This complex weather pattern happens every few years, resulting from variations in ocean [...]

La Niña Season2021-01-10T13:13:44-08:00

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