December 6th, 2020

We are truly blessed this season to be in the midst of a weather pattern called La Niña. What this means is lower temperatures than usual, equaling an average of 3 to 5 degrees colder than normal. This is great for the ski season, as it translates to more champagne powder than ever. Living in the Fraser Valley brings weather that is prime conditions for farming, usually lots of rain and a fair bit of sunshine. The Fraser Valley is also known for plenty of snow, however this year will be better than ever with the presence of La Niña, which translates in Spanish to “Little Girl.”

This complex weather pattern happens every few years, resulting from variations in ocean temperatures in the Pacific. La Niña is the counterpart of El Niño and results in higher precipitation than usual. Which, for the ski industry is nothing but great news. Nothing can beat slightly lower temperatures and higher precipitation throughout the mountains during the upcoming months.

Historically, in 2007-2008, Canada experienced a La Niña episode, resulting in record breaking snowfalls in Canada. We can only presume this year will be more of that good fortune. 

According to the Government of Canada, the changes of circulation in the atmosphere will result in uncommon temperature and precipitation across North America that will persist for several months. These abnormalities in Canada include above average precipitation in British Columbia, colder temperatures in the Prairies and higher precipitation in Ontario and Quebec.

What they are trying to say more or less is that, watch out because this season you will be rocked by snowfall. Get those snorkels ready because we’re looking forward to some forehead deep powder. Book your adventure with us this winter and we can make sure you won’t be disappointed.

Remember, for your best experience out on the mountains, guests this season are pre-booking their instruction sessions, day tickets and rentals online. Please, remember to sanitize your hands. Bring and use your masks indoors and while being near the Lodge. We are all in this together so let’s make sure this season is as safe as ever for everyone getting involved in this great community of snowsport enthusiasts. For more information about our Response to Covid-19 read our protocols here. See you all on the slopes!

More information about La Niña here