Bigfoot Sunday

posted Sunday, February 28th, 2021

We’ve got great news! What better way to spend a Sunday then to bring your loved ones out to the mountains for some well-deserved outdoor adventures. Sunday, March 7th, we will be giving away a special deal to those of you wanting to come up to slide around the slopes. We will be offering $20 off regular ticket prices for all age groups. This includes you! If you’re skiing on a budget then this is the day you’re going to want to carve out some time for the mountains. There will be limited availability so make sure you save your spot while there’s still room. Prices will be as following until we have reached our limited capacity for the day:

Book your spot on the mountain for the best savings Sunday, March 7th

Child (6-12) Full Day Ticket → $49 (From $69)

Youth/Student (13-18 or 19-30 with a valid and current student ID*) Full Day Ticket → $59 (From $79)

Adult (19-65) Full Day Ticket → $69 (From $89)

Senior (66-84) Full Day Ticket → $49 (From $69)

Tots (0-5) Full Day Ticket → FREE

Super Senior (85+) Full Day Ticket → FREE



Here’s a friendly reminder that everyone on the mountain has to wear proper face masks. This includes children and adults, whether you’re in lift lines, during lessons, inside the lodge, walking around the resort or heading to the washrooms. The only time they can be removed is while riding or eating. Remember to keep your social distance of 6 feet to others outside your bubble while in lift lines and around the resort to keep everyone safe.