posted May 28th, 2021

Bear Season & Waste Management

As our massive snowpack melts, mother nature is awakening, bringing back countless scents, enchanting birdsongs and sparkling brooks. 

This is Spring, this is Bear season

Bear Season & Waste Management at sasquatch mountain resort

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is nestled in a lively area, where wildlife is prosperous and varied. You might have already seen families of black bears on your way to the mountain? Mamas and cubs hanging out on the side of the Hemlock Valley road feasting on their favourite snacks… They are so fluffy and so cute that you would give whatever you have for a belly scratch… But don’t be fooled by their “Teddy” style … Our bears are hungry, and to ensure a smooth cohabitation we intend to keep them wild and away from our human activities.

Bear facts and cohabitation

Bear Season at sasquatch mountain resort

After hibernation, bears have one objective only: feeding their bellies and getting their calories back. They are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of plants and animals. Preference is given to berries, nuts, tubers, insects and their larvae, small mammals, eggs, honey, carrion, fish, and very sadly, human garbage when available.

Bears can quickly learn to associate food availability with people and can easily become what is  called “food-conditioned”. Inevitably, bears can start losing their fear of human activity resulting in a higher level of comfort in approaching residences and inhabitants, increasing the risk of conflicts between locals and wildlife. Bears that become accustomed to eating human food are the biggest risks as they search out food and garbage on your back deck, on the back of your pickup truck or even in your garage…we’ve seen it all… and it usually does not end well as bears’ lives are often taken away due to people’s careless actions.

In bear countries, simple and successful rules have been put in place for many years and it includes the way we treat and manage our garbage. Securing attractants is the single best way to keep everybody safe, prevent property damage, and avoid the unnecessary killing of local bears. 

#BeSmart #BeBearAware

Manage your waste at the Resort

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is providing bear proof recycling containers for our visitors.

  1. Please use these containers for your recreational use only.
  2. Do not leave garbage on-site if the container you are trying to use is full.
  3. While you are exploring into the wild, ALWAYS respect the rule “pack it in and take it out”, leave no traces behind you, no matter what your reasons are.
  4. Domestic garbage should not be left close to the bear proof bins and have to be brought to your home for proper recycling or to the local Hemlock Valley Transfer Station.

 Hemlock Valley Transfer Station

    • Located on Hemlock Valley Road between Snowmist Place and Edelweiss Drive, 
    • Opening hours are available here (hours may vary during the summer/winter seasons, so please remember to check the Fraser Valley Regional District website before visiting the site)  
    • Disposal Fees: One garbage bag per week free, additional bags $2/each. Recycling and compostable food waste are accepted free of charge. 
    • Please DO NOT leave garbage outside the transfer station gates. This is illegal dumping. Alternatively, please use the Harrison Mills Transfer Station (hours of operation here), or take your garbage home with you.

By being #BearAware we can contribute to building a respectful and safe community.

More information about the topic from BC Parks Canada:

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