RFID Cards @ Sasquatch 2021

We are using the same RFID system as last year. Our RFID card allows you to purchase tickets online from home and load it directly to your pass.

If you have an RFID card from last year, your season’s passes, day tickets, rentals, lessons etc. will be automatically loaded on to your card at time of purchase. You can come to the mountain and head straight to the lift!

If you don’t have an RFID card, you can purchase your card online and pick it up starting on our opening day at the window at the front of the lodge. Keep your pass in any pocket in your jacket, preferably one on your left hand side. Your pass will no longer need to be visible when riding! Keep the pass away from cell phones, foil wrappers, car keys, credit cards, licenses and other cards that could demagnetize the pass. See you on the mountain soon, start getting stoked!