St. Patrick's Day at Sasquatch Mountain Resort

This St.Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the Irish at Sasquatch!

Meet Neil, the Bar Manager at Molly’s, and resident Irishman. This is his second season working with us at Sasquatch. This year, he is on a quest to snowboard every single day of the season!

Today marks day 91 of Neil snowboarding at Sasquatch Mountain for the 21/22 season. He has been out on his snowboard in all types of weather for at least one run. He documents everyday of his journey by taking a photo on the mountain and posting it on his social media. The photos above are some of the many he’s taken throughout the season.

We’re so happy to have Neil as a part of our team this season and we’re excited to help him on his pursuit of snowboarding everyday. If you see him at Molly’s or on the slopes, make sure to give him a high five congratulate him on his snowboarding streak!