Expansion Plans for Sasquatch Mountain Resort at Hemlock Valley

In 2017, newly rebranded Sasquatch Mountain Resort will continue investing in winter recreational infrastructure while planning for future investment in year-round recreational opportunities. Future improvements will build upon the enhancements implemented in 2016, which included the expansion of the tube park from 4 lanes to 8 and the addition of two Magic Carpets, one for the tube park and one for ski school. The tube park expansion to date successfully eliminated wait times during the 2016/17 season. 

Summer of 2017 expansion plans include: 

  • A further expansion tube lane ride to be located adjacent to the current 8-lane tube park. 
  • Additional features including sound system, a boutique kitchen facility, and additional seating options to enhance the existing facilities in and around Parking Lot 3 and the tube park. 
  • An additional temporary parking lot (Parking Lot 4) to be constructed in and around the current non-functional tennis courts. 
  • Improvements to the main lodge. 
  • Expansion of temporary team member housing. 
  • A new snow shoe trail that will go half way around Mount Klaudt with phase 2 in the summer of 2018 to expand this trail completely around Mount Klaudt. 

Sasquatch Mountain Resort along with Sts’Ailes First Nations are committed to ecologically sustainable improvements to ensure Hemlock Valley recreational opportunities will be enjoyed year-round by generations to come while minimizing ecological impact. In this spirit, applications being submitted this summer to the FVRD and the Province of B.C. include: 

  • New Official Community Plan (OCP) from FVRD to match the 50 year Master Plan approved by the Sts’ Ailes First Nation and the Province of B.C. 
  • A 480 room master planned hotel in Parking Lot 2 to be constructed in 4 phases. 
  • A High speed quad chair to replace the existing Skyline Chair that will also facilitate biking activities in the summer time. 
  • A 250 bed hostel to house team members and guests. 
  •  A Campground. 
  •  A Zipline course. 
  • A small retail center to offer services such as groceries to guests and residences of the hill. 

Our family is very excited to start the expansion of Sasquatch Mountain and look forward to working with Sts’Ailes and the community to create something very special in the Fraser Valley that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”  – Ralph Berezan

For further information please contact: 
Berezan Management 
210-8399 200th Street Langley B.C. V2Y 3C2