New RFID Pass System

What does RFID stand for and how does it work?

RFID = radio-frequency identification

Your passes are going to look a lot different this season! Embedded within your season pass is a small flat wire, called an RFID chip. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a seamless entry system that allows for tickets to be scanned by your favourite friendly lifty with handheld scanners that will detect the RFID card from up to two feet away.

Where can I put this new RFID pass?

In any pocket in of your jacket, preferably one on your left hand side. Your pass will no longer need to be visible when riding! Keep the pass away from cell phones, foil wrappers, car keys, credit cards, licenses and other cards that could demagnetize the pass.

Benefits of this new RFID pass?

Even though your season pass will not have your picture printed on it, once scanned, the lifty will be able to see your picture, name, and age on the scanner’s screen and will be able to confirm the pass matches the skier.

You will also be able to track your ski days on your online account. This means you can hit the slopes with your family/friends in a friendly competition of who can ski the most in the 2021/2022 season!

Is my RFID pass reloadable?

Yes, the RFID chip will allow you to use the same card for multiple seasons. Each year as you purchase your pass all you will have to do is update your picture online.

What happens if I lose my RFID pass?

No need to worry! Replacement passes will now be cheaper and easier to obtain. Lost or damaged cards can be replaced for just $5 plus tax. Your old card will immediately be voided when the new card is activated.

RFID Card at Sasquatch Mountain Resort
Locky from Lift operations wearing a mask at Sasquatch Mountain Resort
Lift operator at Sasquatch Mountain Resort
Sasquatch Mountain Resort