Controlled Recreational Area

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is a Controlled Recreation Area (CRA)


A Controlled Recreation Area license of occupation is the legal mechanism that gives the right to the Developer to control access and use by other persons within the defined boundaries of the CRA. The CRA enables the Developer to:

  • Establish and delineate a recreation area boundary within the CRA and designate that boundary by notices, posted signs, fences or otherwise.
  • Regulate and prohibit the access & entry of persons & vehicles to the CRA
  • Control, prohibit and direct the movement and activities of persons and vehicles within the CRA
  • Take trespass action against persons who are in non-compliance with the above
  • Non-motorized use such as hiking and biking is welcome during the off-season.
  • Motorized vehicles including snowmobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, cars and trucks are not permitted within the Sasquatch Mountain Resort Controlled Recreation Area.
  • Any persons entering this area for the purpose of motorized recreation will be considered trespassers within the Sasquatch Mountain Resort CRA.
  • Hunting, trapping, and shooting activities are also not permitted within the CRA.
  • Tobogganing is not permitted at any time. Tubing is permitting only within the tube park and only when the tube park is operational.
  • In the winter months the Nordic trail network is open for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. A trail pass is required for these activities on our maintained trails and within the Sasquatch Mountain Resort CRA. Passes are available at the Main Lodge or Tubing area.

During winter operation, uphill touring (ski, split-board, or other) within the Sasquatch Mountain Resort CRA is not permitted.

When not in winter operation, alpine skiing and snowboarding and other sliding activities are not permitted inside the Sasquatch Mountain Resort CRA. Persons entering this area for the purpose of alpine skiing and/or snowboarding and/or other sliding activities will be considered trespassers within the Sasquatch Mountain Resort CRA.

Winter operation is considered to be December to April. For more information on alpine skiing and snowboarding in the CRA, contact us at 604-797-4411.

Scenery shot of Sasquatch Mountains and snowy tree

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