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BC AdventueSmart increases awareness to help reduce the number and severity of incidents by delivering outdoor recreation safety programs to outdoor enthusiasts, to students at schools, to outdoor clubs and at workplaces to upwards of 25,000 face-to-face annually.

These bunch are setting up their booth at SMR, so come and get informed, get a whistle and get ready to learn about your outdoor safety.

BC has over 1,700 search and rescue (SAR) incidents annually, with 80 SAR groups, consisting of 2,500 volunteers responding to those incidents. Additionally, BC AdventureSmart hosts special events in provincial and national parks, at trail heads and on ski hills with season and sport specific messaging.

BC AdventureSmart travels around the province, delivering our presentations, setting up at ski hills, at busy trail heads and all the while supporting SAR by increasing awareness to reduce the number and severity of incidents in BC.