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Sign up  at Guest Services from 18th to 29th of March (cut off at 4:00 pm) and participate in the last, and most creative, race of the season!

After the race (4 till 5), enjoy the amazing Damien Carriere’s Magic Show from 5 to 6 at the Cafeteria

The race will take place once the chairlifts close, on the beginner slope next to the carpet lift.

Dummy Downhill Rules:

  • Maximum weight is 150lbs/68kg
  • Minimum Height is 2ft
  • Maximum height is 6ft
  • No humans or animals can be included as part of the entry
  • No pyrotechnics, fire or motorized parts
  • No devices to hold snow or extra weight
  • No weights can be added at the top of the course
  • Only one person may go to the top of the course to launch the dummy. If a small child is going to launch the dummy they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Dummies can only have 4 points of connection with the skis/boards
  • Dummies must resemble a human, an animal, an alien, motorized vehicle, etc; keep it family friendly. Disqualification for any dummy deemed offensive by the judge(s).
  • All dummies must pass an inspection before they can be taken to the top of the course
  • Participants must be able to pull/push the entry to the top of start area


All entries must be ready for judging by 3pm and must be judged before they can go to the top staging area. Once they are judged and inspected they can proceed to the top of the Bigfoot Carpet lift.

Points will be awarded for:

  • Creativity
  • Realism or being lifelike
  • Durability or survival of the competition track
  • Distance
  • Trueness of the run
  • Honourable mention will be given to the best carnage