at Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

Feb16 to Feb 19 — 10am to 3pm


A new family-friendly weekend adventure awaits!

If you’re looking for a weekend activity for the whole family to enjoy, this is it. Tap into your inner adventurer and explore our 4-story aerial park feature to feature.

Sasquatch’s aerial park allows you to choose your own adventure; you can tackle one element and head back down or complete the whole course in one go. The choice is all yours!

This is the perfect activity for anyone who wants to have fun in a safe, new environment. Climbers of all ages and abilities welcome!

Extreme Sports Bike


  • 35 features

  • 61 ft. high

  • Little Tykes element at base level

  • 2 Sky Rails, Quickflight element, 7 pole tykes and Fantastic Family Fun for everyone!

Extreme Sports Bike

Sasquatch-approved, sky-high & safe fun for the whole family

Safety is the key that allows climbers to have the best experience possible.

Everyone on the course will be harnessed in by expertly-trained SMR staff and there are standard regulations in place to protect everyone in the air and on the ground.

Please be sure to wear closed-toed shoes; no sandals or flip-flops.

All products are non-transferable and non-refundable upon purchase; please ensure you are available on your selected dates. Illness or injury prior to event will not warrant a refund.

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

All prices are in Canadian currency.

Please note that persons under 19 years of age purchasing tickets require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver on their behalf to complete their transaction.

Participants cannot be any shorter than 48″ (122cm) or taller than 6’8″ (203cm) and must weigh less than 300lbs (136kg) for the Sky Trail and weigh less than 285lbs (129kg) for the Quick Flight.

A reusable RFID card must be purchased if you don’t already have one. RFID cards from the winter season can be used.

Operational hours may vary.