Road Conditions

Our winter wonderland has now reopened and safety is our first priority. Following the events of January 31st we invite you to please click the link below, sign and share! Please note: There is currently single lane alternating traffic (SLAT) on Hemlock Valley Road, expect delays.

Help upgrade Hemlock Valley Road 

Make sure you have your chains when traveling on Hemlock Valley Rd. The BC Ministry of Transportation has made it mandatory for any vehicle on our road to be carrying proper fitting chains. Please know how to use your chains and please do not put other drivers at risk by not coming up prepared for the conditions!

Hemlock Valley Road leading up to Sasquatch Mountain is maintained by Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc.

In 1996, Emil Anderson Maintenance, a wholly owned subsidiary of EAC, was successful in obtaining the contract to maintain the highways and bridges in the Fraser Valley Highways District.

The EAM  is fully responsible for clearing and sanding Hemlock Valley Road.

Snow Chains

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manages Hemlock Valley Road. It is mandated by the BC government that all vehicles carry snow chains in their vehicles on Hemlock Valley Road.

  • Even if you have snow tires on your vehicle, you are still required to carry chains.
  • 4×4 vehicles with snow tires are not exempt from this mandate.
  • Sasquatch Mountain Resort is the business at the end of Hemlock Valley Road and has no influence over the mandates imposed on the roads by the Province of BC.
  • For more information on winter tires and chain requirements please go to the B.C Government website.

Please see the excerpt from the BC Motor Vehicle Act below.

British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act
  Section 208:  Winter tires and traction devices
(1) For the purpose of this section, “winter tire” means a tire that meets the standards and specifications prescribed for winter tires.
(2) The minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act may, by public notice or by placing signs, prohibit any vehicle or a class of vehicles from being driven or operated on a highway, unless the vehicle is equipped with chains, winter tires or traction devices, or a combination of these, that the minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act considers adequate in view of prevailing road conditions.
(3) A public notice or sign under subsection (2) may provide differently in relation to specified dates, prevailing weather conditions or any other criteria the minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act considers necessary or advisable.
(4) A person who drives or operates a vehicle in contravention of a prohibition made under subsection (2) commits an offence.”

For Full info please see the B.C Government Website

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